December 2008

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Becoming The News

Tweet So, you are a reporter working on a collection of stories about Americans under economic pressure and then you find out you’ve been fired? This is the story of Ketzel Levine, who has been employed by NPR for 31 years. While doing a story about “American Moxie: How We Get By” found that she […]

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Tweet I started blogging roughly three years ago although I have been in news for almost two decades. I started blogging basically to just amuse myself. When you spend day in and day out reporting news and writing editorials, it’s important to have a creative outlet. Thus my personal blog was born. I honestly didn’t […]

Voice Freedom

Tweet Newscoma and I are only a few days into this project, but I’m already having a blast working on it.  One of the things we decided before we even bought a domain name was that we’d maintain our individual voices when writing for this site.  I’m talking about our real writing voices–the ones we […]

Uber Blog ’09

Tweet There’s a great post over at The Inquisitr predicting 2009 will be the year we’ll see consolidation in blogging with the trend being the grouping of smaller blogs under larger “uber blogs”. Most notably for those coming from old media: The rise of the uber blog will also mark the beginning of the time […]

MSM vs Bloggers, Round #8,283

Tweet Michael Silence is playing the roll of tweener–a guy with an actual deadwood column who isn’t afraid to take a shot at another columnist who took issue with Glenn Reynolds’ (Instapundit) position on blogging: I’m gonna guess when Mulshine is job hunting he won’t be getting a recommendation from Reynolds. Wait, who’s side is […]

Journalists Goals For 2009

Tweet Ryan Sholin is watching the changing trends when it comes to journalists in new media. He is a great go-to guy when it comes to how how we can create an “organic” journalist community online. And with Wired Journalists paving the way, we have seen many things happen this past year, and we should […]

What We Can Learn From the New York Times

Tweet Seth Godin wrote this post about the struggles of the New York Times and what we can learn from them. Sure, it’s an old post (at least a month and a half old), but it has some advice and thinking that is going to be relevant for a long time, especially in the new […]

Search Engine Optimization Round 1

Tweet So you’re all ready to start blogging, or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while, and the question on your mind is the same one on everyone else’s… “How do I get to the #1 spot on Google?” And let’s be honest here–when we’re talking about search engine optimization (SEO), we’re actually just talking […]

Don’t Forget to Add Tags!

Tweet No, this isn’t a Christmas post.  Although it would make sense because that’s about how far behind I am.  This is about those pesky little things in WordPress and other publishing software called “tags”.  They’re easy to ignore, because they aren’t required to publish a post.  But if you aren’t using them, you’re missing […]

Kisha Clubs

Tweet You learn something new every day. I only have a passing knowledge regarding Kisha Clubs but I found this on Tokyo Manga. Kisha clubs, or Japanese press clubs, are exclusive associations of Japanese journalists from various news organizations. A recent report by NPR’s On The Media reveals the biases and restrictions of Japan’s press […]


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