Journalists’ Typewriters Go Silent

Journalists' Typewriters Go Silent
  • 10.Jul
  • Tweet Photo By Adam Tinworth Journalists continue to be laid off in Tennessee this week as The Tennessean eliminated roughly 30 positions on July 9th which ranges from those reporting on the street to account execs to press operators. It’s not a new story. It’s happening to many of us and it will continue to. […]

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    • From Around The Web

    • 05.Jul
    • New York Time iPad App…Oops!
    • Tweet From NetworkWorld: Many, if not most iPad subscribers have been unable to access Times articles since Friday, when an update pushed through Apple’s App Store rendered the application unable to display content. Four days is a lifetime in the digital world. Having a problem that long is not a good sign. HT @JimMacMillan

    • 04.Jul
    • WordPress 3.2 Available!
    • Tweet Gershwin is available, and there are some really nice features included. My favorite new feature is one I’m using right now…full page editing that gets rid of all the superfluous litter around the post composing screen and lets you just write. No worries, some nice smooth AJAX allows the major post editing options to […]

    • 16.Jun
    • New York Times Leveraging Twitter As A Content Database
    • Tweet Instead of building our own system, we asked reporters to post their updates to Twitter and use hashtags to associate each update with a race. It’s very cool that the New York Times found a way to use someone else’s platform to not only churn out updates, but also store and pull in information […]

    • 13.Aug
    • Twitter Changing The Way It ReTweets
    • Tweet TechCrunch has some details of the changes we can expect to see to the mechanics of the ReTweet and even has some screen shots of how this could look on Twitter (the site): From the looks of it, this could mean some pretty big changes on Twitter. As you can see in the mock-ups […]

    • 11.Aug
    • The Facebook/FriendFeed Marriage
    • Tweet Dan asked me on Facebook last night if we’d be writing something about it on NTZ. I’m not sure there’s much to say that hasn’t been covered by ReadWriteWeb. Basically, we can expect to see more of FriendFeed’s features being pulled into Facebook, even though the two will remain separate entities for now. If […]

    • 30.Jul
    • We want Google Voice on our iPhones
    • Tweet Jim Voorhies calls this the best comment ever. I can’t help but agree.

    • 29.Jul
    • Some Hilarious Stuff on AP’s DRM
    • Tweet The AP has released some info on its new “protection” system–not sure what exactly they are trying to protect us from. From CrunchGear: This same system, as you recall, has prevented the rise of piracy in the music and movie arenas and must be applied to the written word before the Internet fails and […]

    • 24.Jul
    • Twitter Crackdown
    • Tweet Did your follow count just drop? I received an email from @tless that I’d lost 60 followers on Twitter. I’m not really phased by that, since I don’t really put much stock in how many people are following me. I mean, I want followers, but I only want quality followers who are engaging. According […]

    • 23.Jul
    • Some Results From The Slate Experiment
    • Tweet We told you about this experiment at Slate a couple of days ago. The idea is to have one group of people limit themselves to the web and one group to limit themselves to newspapers. After a couple of days, who would feel better informed. Here’s a case for newspapers from one of the […]

    • 21.Jul
    • What’s More Effective? Print or Web?
    • Tweet Slate is running an interesting experiment, although not exactly scientific. One group of readers will limit themselves to print media for a couple of days, and the second group will avoid newspapers and limit themselves to reading news on the web (no aggregation sites allowed). The idea is to try and figure out who […]

    • From the Journalist Perspective

    • 02.Aug
    • NFL Loses Control Of The Message
    • Tweet According to the Washington Post, Twitter is allowing the players in camp to send out the message, not the Powers That Be in the NFL. For the first time, fans aren’t dependent on media reports for training camp updates. Players themselves are divulging certain details, from the humorous to the inconsequential, using Twitter feeds. […]

    • 26.Jul
    • The Separation
    • Tweet There has to be one if you are a journalist. John Robinson explains why: I suspect every editor can tell stories about conversations with newsmakers who attempt to use their access and perceived friendship to influence coverage, which, predictably, turns out to be negative. I certainly can. I have also worked with editors who loved the access […]

    • 17.May
    • She Is Right You Know
    • Tweet Cathy at Domestic Psychology has a winner. I won’t spoil it for you, just go there. And she was spot on about the new Star Trek too. Just saying.

    • 01.May
    • What Category Of Commenter Are You?
    • Tweet This Is How We Roll asks the question and they identify three types of commenters. The Troll — Everyone knows this guy (and it’s usually a guy), who intentionally visits sites in order to stir things up, provoke a furious reaction from other posters and then disappear. Classic examples are the Free Republic types […]

    • 17.Apr
    • ‘It’s Because I’m Listening’
    • 'It's Because I'm Listening'

      Tweet From Summer Huggins at Hammock: Statesman editors witnessed the power of social media during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Robert created a Twitter account specifically for tracking the hurricane, an account that also pointed followers to the Statesman‘s coverage of the storm online, generating more than 300,000 hits from Twitter alone. Robert joked that […]

    • 14.Apr
    • Print Media Gets A Lifeline
    • Tweet Now that’s just funny. H/T to Christian Grantham

    • From Around The Web From the Tech Perspective

    • 04.Jul
    • WordPress 3.2 Available!
    • Tweet Gershwin is available, and there are some really nice features included. My favorite new feature is one I’m using right now…full page editing that gets rid of all the superfluous litter around the post composing screen and lets you just write. No worries, some nice smooth AJAX allows the major post editing options to […]

    • 12.Aug
    • WordPress 2.8.4 UPDATE NOW!
    • Tweet For those of you running WordPress on your sites, you should see a prompt to install the latest Security Release. You need to update ASAP to remedy a security vulnerability that can allow your password to be reset by a hacker. Do not hesitate on this one!

    • 07.Jul
    • Success In The New News Industry
    • Success In The New News Industry

      Tweet I’ve been kicking around an idea after reading the book Outliers: The Story of Success. One of the major themes of the book is that success doesn’t come just from having raw talent or outworking the competition. Successful people usually have talent, work ethic, AND are able to put them to use to become […]

    • 11.Jun
    • WordPress 2.8 – A Quick View of the Highlights
    • Tweet WordPress 2.8 is rolling out today, and there are several features and enhancements I’m pretty excited about. They keep making my favorite content management tool better and better! Theme Management Drastically Improved We now have functionality similar to that of  plugin management. Now there’s no need to find a theme, download it to your […]

    • 26.May
    • SEO – A Five Year Plan
    • SEO - A Five Year Plan

      Tweet Matt Cutts recently answered the question “Will SEO exist in five years?” via video. Don’t worry, this is a really short clip, and there’s not a lot of geek speak in it at all. However, keep in mind that he’s a Google employee and he’s talking about SEO in the context of Google. As […]

    • 18.May
    • Social Network Links on Every Post
    • Social Network Links on Every Post

      Tweet Aunt Bea asked a question about placing social networking links at the bottom of posts. Simple answer…there’s a plugin for that–Sociable makes it super easy to place those little buttons at the bottom of every post. Right out of the virtual box, Sociable automatically puts these links a the end of every post. In […]



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